About me (and my partners)

My name is Sarah, the creator and owner at Cabin Snacks & Chocolate.  I live in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada where I create chocolate & snacks full-time in my commercial kitchen.
I was raised at the end of a dirt road in Northern Ontario's Boreal Forest by my Metis mother and Dutch father in a semi-off-grid house.  I feel most at home in the boreal forest.  
I spent some time working in Ottawa for a environmental think-tank and non-profit environmental law organization, but traded my fancy shoes for hiking boots 12 years ago.  I've moved around a lot, living in alternative communities, cooking and traveling; I immersed myself in different cultures. While living in Mexico, I was entranced with the indigenous cultures, deep history, tropical forest ecology and have a deep respect and love for their tradition and communities, Viva La Revolution! 
I landed 100km east of Yellowknife by float/ski plane to manage an off-grid eco-lodge.  I fell in love with the land and the peoples; and after that work was over; I  moved into a tiny offgrid cabin 30km outside of Yellowknife where I lived for two years with my dogs, Danko & Rex, harvesting, canoeing and roaming the land.
Chocolate came to me before Cabin Snacks had a name, I was studying holistic nutrition and decided to start a small business using local wild foods.  I was looking for an ethically-made chocolate supplier that would align with my business model but this proved to be more difficult at the time than I had imagined.  I started studying chocolate, the culture of it, the indigenous aspects, it's deep history and fell in love.
Cabin Snacks merges my passions, food and our natural world, bringing together the tropical and taiga forests prioritizing ethically sourced beans; supporting small farms in South & Central America, safe harvesting practices and compostable packaging.

I was born in the Boreal Forest, probably in sphagnum moss.


Bruce is New to me and we are learning about each other everyday.  He has already travelled across the country with me and he is a stellar travelling partner.  He is handsome, dapper as all heck and loves roaming free on the land with me.  I will update you come spring, to see if he keeps the bears away.


Past Partner (Broken heart)

Danko (Richard) was found on a road in Ontario.  He was the happiest guy on this planet.  He was the ultimate cuddler, he loved sticks and me, and would win an Olympic gold in the jumping-off-rocks-into-water category, if that was a thing.  I love you Danko, fly free my boy.

Past Partner (Broken Heart)

Rex Boreal.  Rex was my bear dog and liked to show his dominance in lots of ways and liked causing me a lot of headaches with float plane medivacs and the sort.  He slept on trimarans & sail boats; travelled in canoes; camped down the coast; flown in helicopters, float and ski planes; and would ride on quads and snowmobiles.  He refused to cuddle or do anything that was expected of him.  I love you Rex, I miss you everyday.

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