What is Craft Chocolate?

Craft chocolate makers source cacao beans transparently and make chocolate on a small scale, with a strong emphasis on the inherent flavor of the beans.  

What does the % of chocolate mean?

The percentage on a chocolate wrapper means the amount of cacao (and it's byproducts i.e. cacao butter) is in the bar.  75% cacao means 75% cacao and 25% sugar for a dark chocolate, without any other ingredients.

40% Dark Milk bar = 40% cacao and 60% milk and sugar.

What's the difference between and Chocolatiere and Chocolate Maker?

A chocolate maker, simply, makes chocolate.  We source cacao beans, roast them, crack and winnow them (more on that below), refine and add sugar and make chocolate.  A chocolatiers takes that chocolate and makes bonbons, truffles etc.

What are the steps in making chocolate?

To make the chocolate you love, you need to source cacao beans, painstakingly sort them to size and remove the ones that are broken, sprouted, cracked, flat and stuck together.  Then you roast them, each chocolate maker decides on a specific roasting profile for each bean.  Then, you crack and winnow, the process of cracking the beans into nibs, removing the husks (shell) and separating them.  Then you refine the chocolate into paste (called chocolate liquor) and then add sugar.

What does Ethically Sourced mean?

Ethically sourced is the process of ensuring that the products made are obtained through responsible and sustainable methods.





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